The Youth Red Cross is the most important Constituent of its mother organization, Indian Red Cross. It is group movement organized at the initial stages for struggle between 18 and 25 years of age within the colleges.



  • Protection of health and life- Health
  • Service to the sick and suffering-Service
  • Promotion of National and International Friendship, to develop the mental and moral capacities of the youth-Friendship


  • Promotion of Health and Hygiene
  • Service to others
  • Relief work during emergencies like flood, fire and other natural calamities.
  • Friendliness

DATE   : 22.12.2014

YRC members celebrated Christmas with the inmates of LEVE OLD AGE HOME, Arockia hospital Sarugani on 22.12.2014.The reason behind is the old people is lonely and left by their family members. Rev.Sr.Valentine Mary presided over the function and she gave a motivational talk to our students.       
We stared the joyful program with a glorious prayer song, and we those YRC membersentertained them whole day and wiped away all their sorrows. Through colourful cultural events like comic, dance and speech, we entertained them. The inmates of old age home enjoyed. They remain colourful programme and celebration.

DATE   : 11.03.2015

YRC members celebrated Women’s day on 11 MARCH 2015 at our college closed auditorium. The session was started with graceful prayer song. Our students Mrs. Anitha gave a cheerful welcome address and Our YRC club co-ordinators Mrs.N.SUMATHYhonored our Rev.Sr.Valentine Mary, who is our  chief guest of today’s celebration her provoking speech inspired all our club members to achieve great things in the world. She showed inspiring videos. Finally we’ve conducted games and the winners were honored by her. The function came to an end with National anthem.

DATE   : 22. 07.2015

The YRC has conducted its outreach programme at LeveOld Age Home, Arockia Nagar, Sarugani. It was held on 22-07-2015, under our coordinator Ms.X.Josephine, lecturer in the Department of mathematics. The main aim of this outreach programme is to help the old age people.Our YRC volunteers cleaned the dwelling place of old age people and we provided snacks and dress materials to them. They had shared their experiences and feelings. They considered our students as their own granddaughters. That day was a happiest day in their life since they spent this day with our students.

DATE   : 12.08.2015

YRC memberscelebrated “YOUTH DAY “on 12.08.2015. The topic is “BE THE BEST”. The programme was started with prayer song. The welcome address was rendered by our YRC Volunteer MS.S.Christy II Maths. Our volunteers performed various cultural programmein a grand manner. They exhibited their talents and convey message to the audience through drama, skit & poetry.
The respected chief guest Mrs. N.SumithradeviB.Sc.,M.A., B.Ed., B.T Assistant in Minicipal middle school, has delivered a wonderful speech. Her speech motivated our students and they came to know how to improve their career. She also delivered the talked about “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT”. Vote of thanks was given by our student S.Sumitha who is studying in II B.Sc. Mathematics. Finally the session was ended with National Anthem.


DATE   : 09.10.2015

On 9th October 2015, as a regular activity our YRC volunteers went and served at Leve Old Age Home Sarugani. Our volunteers cleaned everywhere. They made the entire old age home as clean and tidy. Garden work was also carried out by our volunteers. The old age people and the care takers of that old age home felt really happy. They thanked our volunteers with boundless joy and happiness.

DATE   : 15.10.2015

Our YRC members organized Tree plantation in memory of our former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdulkalam on his birthday (15.10.2015). The programme was inaugurated at our college campus. Our Principal Rev.Dr.JasmineThangagumari was the chief guest of this function. She and our volunteers planted 35 trees at our campus. The first tree was planted by our chief guest followed by our vice principal and head clerk of our college.
            Our college students and YRC Co-ordinator MS.X.Josephine also planted .In order to obey and fulfill the vision of our late Prime Minister  Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam, we planted trees and full function was celebrated in a simple manner but fulfilling his desire. So our YRC volunteers really honored him on his birthday. They are very proud to be the participant of the programme.

DATE   : 16.12.2015
When I was hungry you gave me to eat
                                          When I was naked you clothed me”

To give life to the above mentioned gospel verse, we the YRC of Idhaya  College for Women, made our way to yesuvanam, where physically and mentally challenged people have been getting educated and taken care of by the Guanellians Priest,to celebrate the suppose X-Mas in a meaningful way.
First of all on behalf of Guanellain family & their physically and mentally challenged people we were warmly welcomed by Fr.Paul followed by prayer song by our student sisters. The students of our club performed colourful and meaningful dances,comic and sung a song.
New clothes were presented to all the physically and mentally challenged people. The new clothes were sponsored by volunteers and other students of our College .Mean while X-Mas cakes had been distributed to all.
Mentally challenged boys performed dance and proved their ability.Rev.Sr.Jasmine,Principal gave X-Mas message followed by vote of thanks by Rev.Fr.Kulandai, superior. Indeed, it doubled our joy and we experience the real joy in them.


DATE   : 25.06.2016

On 25th June 2016, as a regular activity of this month, Our YRC volunteers undertook the activity of sanitizing in and around the chapel. Our volunteers cleansed and made the entire chapel as clean and tidy. Garden work was also carried out by our volunteers.

DATE   : 16.07.2016
On 16th July 2016 our YRC volunteers went and met the village people at Sokkanathapuram. In this outreach programme, thirtyof our students had an interaction with the village people. They shared their family situation to our students and also collected information about their village.

DATE   : 12.08.2016

YRC club members were celebrated youth day celebration which was held on 12.08.16 on the topic of “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT”.The programme was started with prayer the welcome address was delivered by our YRC volunteer Ms. B. Gokulaselvi (III-BSc Maths). Our volunteers performed various cultural programme in a grand manner. They exhibited their talents and conveyed message to the audience through poetry and dance.
The respected chief guest Mr. s. Jesu Rethinam M.A., B.Ed., B.T Assistant in Government High School, Kavalaivendran, delivered a wonderful speech. His speech motivated and inspired our students.
DATE   : 14.10.2016

Our YRC members organized tree plantation in memory of our former president Dr. A. P. J. Abdulkalam on his birthday. The programme was inaugurated at Devakottai Union middle school, Paramakudi. Our YRC volunteers were planted nearly 25 trees also our students taken classes to the slow achievers of that school. In order to obey and fulfill the vision of our late Prime Minister Dr.A. P. J. Abdulkalam. We planted trees on his birthday.

DATE   : 20.12.2016

YRC members were celebrated the Christmas day at LEVE Old Age Home, Arockia Nagar, Sarugani. It was held on 20.12.2016. This celebration was started with prayer song by our YRC volunteers Rev. Sr.Fransisca, Adminstrator, Arockia hospital presided over the function, and she gave a motivational talk to our students.
YRC members entertained the old age people through the cultural events like  speech and dance. Our volunteers distributed cakes and sanitary things to them. Finally Rev. Sr. Valentina Mary thanked our students for their grateful effort.


National voter’s day falls on 25th January of every year. We too YRC program officer and volunteers have arranged a Rally from Sarugani to Arockia Nagar. The Chief Guest on that day was Mrs. P. Mangaleshwari, Thasildhar, Devakottai, Mr.Saravanan, Revenue Inspector, Mr.Sethu Nambu, and Election Deputy Thasilthar.The Rally was flagged by Thasilthar Mrs. P. Mangaleshwari after her special address about the importance of vote, Feature of voter’s Identity Card, and she insisted our volunteers not to be a seller of vote.
In that Rally, our students used boards and created awareness to general public through slogan.After Rally, function was arranged in our college Auditorium.Mr. Kannan, Zonal Deputy Election Thasilthar gave a special address about the recent trends for applying Voters ID cards to the young volunteers and he insisted the students like to apply for Voter’s Id card, the students we know the importance of voting and as a citizen we must Vote also motivate our students to vote for a right person.
After his speech one of our volunteers Ms. C. Manimegalai, II-B. A ENGLISH inspired the gathering with her thought provoking speech. Finally our YRC volunteer Ms. Sagaya Rani, Election Ambassador took an oath.

DATE    : 25.07.2017

 To this new academic year we YRC Co-ordinaters and members organized a one day Orientation Programme for all the new volunteers. The programme was started with a gracious prayer song followed by the welcome address which was rendered by our YRC president Gogula selvi.  Dr.Mrs.T.Chithra, YRC District co- ordinatnator, Seethalakshmi Achi College Pallathur, was presided over the programme along with our beloved principal Rev. Sr. Dr. Jothi Mary. Her speech is based on the origin of YRC, founder, YRC song and then the principles of YRC Finally we conclude the programme with a gratefull vote of thanks by our YRC secrtary Shanthini.

DATE    : 31.08.2017

Youth represent a substantial part of the membership of Red Cross for its humanitarian commitment .Young volunteers can make a significant contribution to meeting the needs of the most vulnerable people within our local communities. The YRC CLUB of our college organized a DENGUE AWARENESS PROGRAMME for the Middle school students in Sarugani.
We started the programme with a prayer song followed by a brief explanation of YRC by our club coordinator. Three of our volunteers,Ms.S.K. Ilaya Bharathi, Ms.Jacolin, Ms.Thahrin Fathimaexplained the painful, Debilitating Mosquito born disease ‘DENGUE’. They illustrate the causes, treatment and prevention. Finally we provide a neem and papaya juice for all the students and staff members of that school.One of the staff members of the school delivered their gratitude with vote of thanks. We left the school with the heart of service satisfaction.    

DATE    : 26.09.2017

As our institution planned to conduct VOLLY BALL TOURNAMENT 2017, by the intimation of the Physical Director of our college, We YRC members engaged in cleaning work. Nearly 75 of our YRC VOLUNTEERS removed the thorn bushes and unwanted things which are there in the volleyball court. We made the court (allotted place for YRC Club) clean.

DATE    : 12.10.2017

We YRC volunteers planned to visit the LEVE OLD AGE HOME, AROCKIA HOSPITAL, SARUGANI. According to our plan on 12th October we reached that place and started our programme. There was a prayer song which was followed by a welcome address. YRC members entertained them (the old age people) through dance and skit. The skit is based on the values of our Institution Founder LOUIS SAVENIEN DUPUIS Rev. Sr.Valentina Mary who is the incharge of the home, presided over the programme. She delivered her speech on the history of our founder and all the good values of him. We YRC members provide tea and snacks for them and also the sanitary things for them.

DATE    : 22.12.2017
            Our institution organized the Christmas celebration with the theme “Born to Share”. In order to fulfill the values, We YRC club members have collected the sanitary items like paste, soap, shampoo bottles, oil, washing powers, brush etc, from our students. Accompanied with ALCUF Volunteers, We (YRC Volunteers) and with our beloved principal Rev. Sr. Dr. Jothi Mary, We handover all these things to The Leve Old Age Home .Sr. Valantina Mary Incharge, Arockia hospital Sarugani, accepted our small gifts from our principal sister.

DATE    : 15.01.2018

We YRC volunteer’saccompanied with Women Cell arranged competitions and a short programme in order to make awareness and to gain the knowledge about Voting in our life. After conducting the competitions like essay writing, pencil drawing and speech competition. Our YRC Co-ordinater Mrs. Jothi Department of Tamil addressed the gathering. She explained the current situation of Tamil Nadu and delivers her speech on the importance of voting also she inspired our girls to select a perfect leader by voting.

DATE    : 09.02.2018

Trees crate an ecosystem to provide habitat and food for birds and other animals also the source of raining So our YRC volunteers nearly 20 members went to an Elementary School named Kilakku School, there we plant 5 trees with permission of that school Principal. Trees absorb carbon-di-oxide and potentially harmful gasses. Our YRC members proud to take part in that good work.


DATE   : 24.07.2018


For the new beginning of this academic year, we YRC members organized a AIDS Awareness programme for all the YRC volunteers. The programme was started with a gracious pray song followed by the welcome address which was rendered by our YRC president Ms.A.Thangeswari of III BSc Cs. Mr.M.Murugan ICTC ,Govt PHC, Thiruvegampet, was presided over the programme along with our counsellor beloved principal Rev.Sr.Dr.Jothimary . The chief guest gave awareness on AIDS. He explained in detail about how AIDS spread, How to protect us from AIDS.Finally we conclude it with a vote of thanks by our YRC secretary Ms.N.Kaleeswari of II CS.At lastthe session was ended with National anthem.
DATE    : 21.08.2018

A MEDICAL AWARENESS PROGRAMME was organized by All Club Association on (21.08.2018) Tuesday. The programme started with a delightful Prayer Song  followed by Welcome  address which was rendered by Ms.M.Mahakeerthiof II B.Sc Physics and  Dr.R.Vijayalakshmi, Head, Department of CA felicitated the gathering.
Dr.P.PorselviMathavaMoorthy,MBBS., DGO., Anbu Specialty Hospital., Devakottai,was the chief guest .Shegave Awareness about Adolescents Health issues, Life skills and Malnutrition to the staff and students. Finally the Programme ended with the Vote of Thanks and National Anthem.

DATE   : 26.09.2018
                        The YRC organized an outreach programmeon 26.09.18 at Gopalapuram. Around 25 students participated along with the staff Mrs.X.Arockiastella and Mrs.S.Saranya. The motto of this programme is to create an awareness on “Evergreen Environment”. The students are divided into 5 groups and met many families. They gave anawareness about how to protect our environment and control the pollutions by planting trees and avoiding using plastics.
DATE   : 24.01.2019

>            We YRC Volunteers planned to visit the old age people of LEVE OLD AGE HOME, AROCKIA HOSPITAL SARUGANI. According to our plan on 24th January at 2.30pm, we visited.There we met the old age people talk to them and they shared theirfeelings with us. YRC volunteers individually met each one of them, entertained them and wiped away all their sorrows. Finally we distributed snacks to them.

DATE   : 23.02.2019         

Our college YRC Members organized the Road safety awareness program in collaboration with NSS,RRC and Rotract 23rd FEB 2019.Nearly, 56 Students Along with our YRC coordinator Mrs.X.Arockiastella went to Rally from Union Office to Thiyagigal Park in Devakottai.
Our students said some slogan about road safety with showing placards. Our honored Chief Guest Dr.Jeyakumar (Indian Hospital) gave advise to our students, how to prevent an accident and Mr.GnanaThiraviyam (Traffic Inspector) explained the Traffic rules and Road Safety.

DATE   : 24.01.2019

The YRC organized an “Orientation Programme” on 24.07.2019 at our Closed Auditorium. The programme started with a delightful prayer song followed by welcome address which was rendered by Ms.R.Revathiof III B.Sc CS. Our Principal Rev.Sr.Dr.C.Jothi Mary felicitatedthe gathering.
            The chief guest Mr.C.Baheeradha Nachiappan, Chairman IRCS Sivagangai, gave an awareness about donating blood. He motivates our students to donate blood.He asked to follow the spiritual thought of “Ever Busy and Never Lazy”.
Dr.G.Vinayagamoorthi,YRC Zonal coordinator, gave the social awareness. Dr.T.Chitra YRC District Organizerpresided over the programme along with the chief guest Dr.G.Vinayagamoorthy.Her speech is based on the origin of YRC and the principles of YRC. We conclude the programme with a grateful vote of thanks by our YRC Secretary Ms.M.Priyanka II CS. Finally the session was ended with National Anthem.

DATE   : 14.08.2019

The YRC organized an “AWARNESS PROGRAMME on 14.08.2019 at Gopalapuram and Nagamathi. Around 25 students participated along with the staff Mrs.X.Arockia Stella and Mrs.S.Vimala.
            Our Volunteers are divided into 5 teams and explained about the diseases, spread by mosquito and gave ideas, how to prevent the growth of mosquitos, by cleaning the surroundings. They also enlighten the cause of Water scarcityand how to save water through Rain Water Harvesting.


DATE   : 24.09.2019

The YRC organized a “BLOOD DONATION CAMP” in collaboration with NSS,RRC and Rotracton 24.09.2019 at multipurpose hall. Dr.Prabhavathi, Velayuthapattinam and Dr.Suganya, Blood bank, Sivagangai were invited as Chief Guest. The session started with prayer song and Ms.Sumithra gave welcome address followed by our chief guest gave the valuable and motivational speech about blood donation and uses. Our Principal Rev.Dr.C.Jothimaryencourages the students to continue the service.

DATE   : 27.09.2019

Our President of Indian Red Cross Society, Tamil Nadu Branch and his Excellency the Governor of Tamil Nadu, Thiru Banwarilal Purohit has launched Tree Plantation Programme on Friday the 27th September 2019 at 10.45 a.m. To support this event, our YRC club members organized tree plantation in our college campus at same date and time. Around 38 plants were planted in the presence of Rev. Dr.C.Jothimary, Principal, Idhaya College for Women, Sarugani. YRC Coordinator Mrs. X. Arockia Stella along with 20 volunteers took part in this event. It was a great opportunity for YRC members to exhibit the values of Tree Plantation.Finally our principal appreciated and motivated the students to plant more trees in future, also she instructed to maintain the plants regularly.


DATE : 25.01.2020

YRC club collaborate with NSS and Rotract club organized an awareness rally for “NATIONAL VOTERS DAY “on 25.01.2020.Nearly 400 students and staff members of our college along with Mr.MessiyaDass, Thalisdar,Devakottai, Mr.Malika Arjun ,Election DT and Mr.Krishna RI, Sarugani participated in Rally. The rally started from sarugani and ended in college campus. The students were walked along with plug cards and banners. After the rally, an awareness programme held in closed auditorium, started with prayer song, welcome address by our student. The chief guest were talk about the importance of voting and one of our student present a speech on National voter’s day. Finally, the programme end with a national anthem.

DATE : 21.02.2020

YRC Club Celebrated “MatrabashaDiwas(Mother Tongue Day)” on 21.02.2020 at Closed Auditorium. Mrs.K.Viralakshmi, Head of the Department, Department of Tamil was the chief guest. The programme started with TamizhThaiVazhthu and welcome address presented by our student YRC presidentMs.Kaleeswari , III B.Sc Computer Science .The Chief Guest gave a motivational speech about the importance of our mother tongue Tamil Language. Through this programme students got awareness on mother tongue.Finally, our student YRC SecretaryMs.M.PriyankaII B.Sc Computer Science delivered a vote a thanks and the session ended with a national anthem.