Our College Women’s cell has a unique purpose. Students frequently visit the near by villages to have social interaction in order to create awareness among the downtrodden womenfolk. They put forth their best to educate the illiterates. Thus our studenst are encouraged to undertake rural development work of high priority which is the motto of our college and congregation.

11997-2010 Visiting nearby village, enquire about family members, occupation, problems and interests. Provide necessary help to down trodden.
  • To enlighten, to create awareness among the down-trodden women folk.

  • To develop social awareness among village people.

  • To create social awareness and to educate the villages on several aspects.

  • Women to become self – reliant in the male Dominant world.

  • Remedial classes to the slow learners.

Chokkanathapuram, Poaadappu, Vellikkatti, Gopalapuram,Naganinathi, Sangarkoil, Sarugani, Thiruvagampathur.Govt.Hr.Sec.School
22011-2012 On 8th Mar, Celebrated International womens day by our staffs, students and chittnad panchayat union.Conducted Kollapotti and Cooking competition. Given prizes for the winners.A speech was given by Selvi.Hema Nithya, Women cell Leader. Kanadukathan nearby Karaikudi.

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