Achievement of Idhaya:

Even though have difficulties in striking a balance between sports activities and regular academic work while college is in session every year state level volley ball tournament is organized by the management. Shields and Certificates were granted to the winners and runners. During those days entertainment given by the players of the colleges filled the campus with youthful and sporting sprit.

1J.Arockia Sahaya RaniII Year B.Sc (C.S)2006 - 2007Volley Ball
2M.Sorna PriyaII Year B.Sc (C.S)2006 - 2007Volley Ball
3P.PandiSelviII Year B.Sc (C.S)2006 - 2007Volley Ball
4P.Catherine SubaII Year B.Sc (C.S)2006 - 2007Volley Ball
5S.A.Helen III Year B.Sc (Maths)2009 - 2010Kho-Kho
6R.Vinothini II Year B.Sc (C.S)2009 - 2010Kho-Kho
7K.SuganyaII Year B.C.A2009 - 2010Badminton
8R.VinothiniIII Year B.Sc (C.S)2010 - 2011Kho-Kho
9P.ThenmozhiI Year B.C.A2010 - 2011Kho-Kho
10I.MaheswariI Year B.A (Eng)2010 - 2011Athletics
11A.Viyagnla RaniI Year B.Com (CA)2010 - 2011Kho-Kho
12T.SiminthaI Year B.A (Eng)2010 - 2011Football
13S.SasikalaIII Year B.Com (CA)2010 - 2011Kabaddi
14J.Arockia JeniferIII Year B.Sc (Phy)2011 - 2012Kho-Kho
15A.Vijagnla RaniII Year B.Com (CA)2011 - 2012Kho-Kho
16N.VetriI Year B.Com (CA)2011-2012Kho-Kho
17J.Joy JeniferIII Year B.Com (CA)2011-2012Table Tennis
18A.NandhiniII Year B.Com CA)2011-2012Table Tennis
19N.RamyaI Year B.Sc (Maths)2011-2012Kabaddi
20A.G.MuthuLakshmiII M.Com2012-2013Volleyball
21C.SathyaIII B.Com.CA2012-2013Volleyball
22P.UmamaheswariII BCA2012-2013Volleyball
23P.AarthiII BCA2012-2013Ball Badminton
24P.MahaBharthiII B.Com2012-2013Kabaddi
25R.ChandrakalaIII BCA2012-2013KHO_KHO
26M.VennilaIII CS2012-2013KHO_KHO
27P.ThenmozhiIII BCA2012-2013KHO_KHO
28A.Viyagula RaniIII B.Com2012-2013KHO_KHO
29L.Maria CelineIII B.A ENG2012-2013KHO_KHO
30T.Manimozhi III CS2012-2013KHO_KHO
31P.AarthiIII BCA2012-2013Table Tennis
32P.RamyaII Maths2012-2013Kabaddi
33P.Arul BowlinaIII B.A Eng2013-2014Chess
34P.SuganyaIII B.A Eng2013-2014Kabaddi
35L.Maria CelineIII B.A Eng2013-2014KHO_KHO
36M.VennilaI M.Sc CS & IT2013-2014KHO_KHO
37N.VetriIII B.Com CA2013-2014KHO_KHO
38S.DivyaIII B.C.A2013-2014KHO_KHO
39A.DivyaIII Maths2013-2014KHO_KHO
40P.ManimozhiII CS2013-2014KHO_KHO
41P.AarthiIII B.C.A2013-2014Volley_Ball
42P.Uma MaheswariIII B.C.A2013-2014Volley_Ball
43T.VijithaII B.A Eng2013-2014KHO_KHO
44P.Uma MaheswariIII B.C.A2013-2014Badmiton
45M.VennilaII M.Sc(CS&IT) 2014-2015KHO_KHO
46P.ManimozhiIII B.Sc(CS) 2014-2015KHO_KHO
47D.PriyangaIII B.A(Eng) 2014-2015KHO_KHO
48J.IshawaryaI B.A(Tamil) 2014-2015KHO_KHO
49S.Padma velaIII B.Sc(CS) 2014-2015Basket Ball
50L.Santhana MerlinIII B.A(Eng) 2014-2015Basket Ball
51P.ManimozhiIII B.Sc(CS) 2014-2015Volley Ball
52M.PravinaIII B.Sc(Maths) 2014-2015Volley Ball
53L.Santhana MerlinIII B.A(Eng) 2014-2015Ball Badminton
54D.VijithaIII B.A(Eng) 2014-2015Ball Badminton
55S.PoornimaI B.Sc(Maths) 2014-2015Ball Badminton
56P.AarthiI M.Sc(CS&IT) 2015-2016Ball Badminton & Volley Ball
57P.ManimozhiI M.Sc(CS&IT) 2015-2016Basket Ball& Volley Ball
58M.PravinaI M.Sc(Maths) 2015-2016Basket Ball
59S.PriyankaI BCA 2015-2016Basket Ball
60M.Santhosh BrindhaI B.Sc(CS) 2015-2016Basket Ball
61D.KalpanaII B.Sc(Bio) 2015-2016Cross Country
62J.IshwaryaII B.A(Tamil) 2015-2016KHO_KHO
63M.Mahara JothiII B.Sc(Bio) 2015-2016KHO_KHO
64M.NishanthiniII B.Sc(Bio) 2015-2016KHO_KHO
65M.SaranyaI B.Sc(CS) 2015-2016Volley Ball
66L.Santhana MerlinI M.A(Eng) 2016-2017Ball Badminton
67S.JegatheeswariII B.Sc(phy) 2016-2017Cross Country
68P.ManimozhiII M.Sc(CS&IT) 2016-2017Basket Ball & Volley Ball
69M.KanimozhiII M.Sc(Maths) 2016-2017Basket Ball
70N.JeyapradhaI - BBA 2016-2017Basket Ball
71M.SaranyaII B.Sc(CS) 2016-2017Volley Ball
72S.AnuRadhaDip. in Beautician 2016-2017Kho Kho