“Congregation of Fransciscan Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary” is one of the leading forces in eradication ignorance by educating women and making them self – reliant. Our congregation gives importance to women’s education as it realized that only women can help the future generation in nation building progress, because women is such a divine being who can play many roles like a mother, wife, sister and even a teacher. Our congregation is known for its global service in the field of education.

The college was started by the kind invitation of Rt. Rev. Bishop of Sivaganga to our Dear Mo. Regina Mary, Superior General, Pondicherry on 18.01.94. According the decision taken by the delegates of General Chapter 1993 to start a college Sr. Regina Mary, General convened a college board inviting few senior members of the congregation. In 1996 though there were surplus opportunities available to start a college in Pondicherry , our congregation opted for sarugani to enable the betterment of service to the backward people of the district. Mo. Regina Mary , the then Superior general started our college on 05-08-96 .The ground work was under progress to the government in order to obtain permission to start a college in sarugani, Ramnathapuram District.

“Aspire to Achieve” is the college motto. Motto is for motivation. So we are motivating the younger women generation to have earnest longing and desire to achieve their goals. Our college emblem shows how the world is being uplifted by the united arms of women. This depicts the vision of our congregation.“The liberation of women by moulding a self – reliant women society “.

The total building blithe area is 25 acres. This great temple of higher learning has produced a number of Academicians, Educationists, Scientists, Administrators, Intellectuals, Social Workers, Computer Professionals and others of national and international repute.

Each Idhayamite is looked upon as an individual endowed by God with certain talents with her own character and personality which must be developed and perfected. Idhaya looks to each of her students to uphold the standard of the college, not only in the college, but outside it, and not only during her student years, but throughout life

  1. The college is our family devoted for learning. Students should imbibe the sound traditions of a cultured life as offered by the college.
  2. Students should conduct themselves in such a way as not to bring discredit to the college or to themselves. The good name of the college is in the hands of the staff and students whether on or off the premises.
  3. Students and staff should expressively avoid doing anything by word and deed which may disturb the unity and harmony of life both in the college and in the hostel. Therefore they shall never band themselves in a body a petition their rights, but shall individually approach the authority concerned to express their needs.
  4. The college and hostel is above politics and stand for all communities. Therefore cliques and party groups will be severely dealt with even to the point of expulsion.
  5. Students should be respectful towards the staff, and polite and courteous to all. On meeting the sisters or the members of the staff, students should greet them respectfully. This respectful attitude should be maintained on or off the premises. Students should stand when a staff member enters the class room or when she approaches to speak to them. They should likewise stand when the staff member leaves the room.
  6. Staff and students are forbidden to organize any meeting in the college premises or to collect money for any purpose or print and distribute any material without the prior permission of the Principal.
  7. Each student has a staff member directly in charge of her integral formation. Students should make use of this opportunity to get all the guidance needed.
  8. Since the students opt for English as the medium of instruction, they shall speak in English in the college and in the hostel
  9. Students shall co-operate with the authorities in keeping the premises clean and tidy. While handling the property of the college any damage caused casually or deliberately shall entail disciplinary action and recovery or cost and fine.


  1. Staff and students are expected to be neatly dressed in accordance with rules of approved etiquette, decency and modesty.

From TamilNadu Educational Rules

‘ Act 90(a) colleges –if a college student fails to pay her fee on the day fixed for payment, a fine at the rate of 25 paise per working day shall be levied. If the fee be not paid within the end of the month the students name shall be struck off from the rolls. If readmitted she shall in addition to the fees and fines due from her pay of admission fee on rupee one’. “ Absence from the college whether with leave or without leave forms are no ground for exemption from this rule” . “Scholarship holders have the same obligation regarding payment of fees”.

  1. Graduate and under graduate students on the roll of college are forbidden to take an active part in political agitation directed against the authority of the Government . Principal may further at their discretion forbid students to engage prominently in any public movement with which it seems undesirable that persons in status papillary should be associated.
  2. If students attend political meetings and they conduct themselves in any manner which is forbidden or under coming, engage in political agitation in such a way as to interface with the corporate life and educational work of the college, the Principal of the college may suspend or expel them or refuse the grant of their certificate for a specific period and may also report their case to the university with a view to their being dealt with under the University regulations.
  3. Principals of the constituted college or hostel authorizes shall have full power to inflict the following punishments: fine, loss of attendance, loss of term certificates, suspension or expulsion.

Please Note:

  1. Ragging is a serious offence entailing immediate dismissal from the college. Any kind of wild, noisy and disturbing celebrations are strictly forbidden in the college.
  2. Students found possessing or using drugs or alcohol and those found pedding drugs will be dismissed from the college forthwith.
  3. No students is allowed to take tuitions from the lecturers of the college.
  4. Every student is expected to enroll herself in the national service scheme or in other voluntary groups in the college committed to community service
  5. Value education classes for non-Catholics and Education of faith for Catholics are obligatory. No exemption is granted to anyone on any account.
  6. No student is allowed to use the cell phone inside the college and the Hostel.


The following are the list of criteria’s to be followed in the selection of nominees for the students’ Governing body of our college.

I President and Vice-President

  1. Above 65% without any arrears.
  2. Be accessible to the student body and they will be responsive to their needs.
  3. Able to have a large positive impact in the area of fundraising.
  4. Strong communication skill in English
  5. Should have unique Leadership qualities and be role model to others.
  6. Should be familiar and obedient to all
  7. Must have a Stronger understanding of the academic world.
  8. Should treat everyone without partiality based on caste, religion and department.
  9. Should conduct meeting among students at least once in a month.
  10. Mist work for the welfare of the management and students.

II Secretary and Vice Secretary

  1. Above 65% without any arrears
  2. Strong communication skills in English
  3. Must co-operative with the Management and President.
  4. Should have the quality of co-ordination.

III Discipline Minister and Secretary

  1. Above 65% without any arrears
  2. Strong communication skills in English
  3. Courage enough to maintain punctuality & strict discipline during prayer and celebration time.
  4. Should be on time inside the campus and regulate the students properly.
  5. Must be the Initiator of implementing the rules and regulation of the college

IV Communication Minister and Secretary

  1. Above 65% without any arrears
  2. Qualified with Sound knowledge in English
  3. Create suitable environment in & around college to communicate in English
  4. Should be the best Communicator
  5. Should have capacity to find out & correct the Communication defaults

V Finance Minister and Secretary

  1. Above 65% without any arrears
  2. Strong communication skills in English
  3. Should be a trustful person
  4. Should have the knowledge of accounts and expenditure

VI Health Minister and Secretary

  1. Above 65% without any arrears
  2. Should maintain contain relationship with the Medical counselor, also report her about the sick students
  3. To be healthy both mentally and physically
  4. Should be aware of diseases and its causes
  5. Must watch every day the hygienic maintenance of the campus particularly in the sanitation and water supply areas
  6. Should check the aqua plant back wash & cleaning every day, also water tank cleaning once in three months.

VII Food Minister and Secretary

  1. Above 65% without any arrears
  2. Must have the basic knowledge about the food system
  3. To go rounds around the college to check the food diet for the students
  4. Should have the quality of hospitality

VIII Transport Minister and Secretary

  1. Above 65% without any arrears
  2. To check the transport vehicles and facilities available for the students

IX Cultural Minister & Secretary

  1. Above 65% without any arrears
  2. Should be familiar to all the students
  3. Multi-talented one in cultural activities also should have won the prizes & awards
  4. Capacity to motivate the students to participate in cultural activities

X Sports Minister & Secretary

  1. Above 65% without any arrears
  2. Should be sportive enough to accept the ups & downs
  3. Should have won the prizes & awards at least in District level matches & participating in University matches
  4. Should have adjustable & adoptable mentality