Every year the department of Mathematics inaugurated the association on various topics. The following dates and topics are given below.

Year & DateName of the Resource PersonAddressTopic
1998 – 1999 & October Prof. Arulprahasam Dept. of. Economics, American College Madurai. Applications of Mathematics in Economics
1999-2000 & 10th of September Dr.Srinivasan & Prof.T.Arul Prahasam Dept. of Maths, Dept. of Economics, American College Madurai. Mathematical Fallacies
2000-2001 & 20th of September Dr.Murugan Dept. of Maths American College Madurai. Graph Theory
2005-2006 & 1st of March R.T.Rajambal Dept. of Maths, Seetha Lakshmi Art’s College For Women, Pallathur. Vedic Mathematics
2006-2007 & 26th of July Dr.R.K.Rajambal Department of Mathematics Mathematics and Calculation
2007-2008 & 22nd of August Dr.N.Palaniappan Dept. of Maths Alagappa University, Karaikudi. Basic Concept and Motivation in Mathematics
2008-2009 & 8th of August Dr.Kamaraj Govt. Art’s College, Melur. Recent Trends in Mathematics
2009-2010 & 23rd of September Dr.N.Anbazhagan Alagappa University, Karaikudi. Recurrence Relation and its applications
2010-2011 & 18th of January Dr.B.Chellappa Dept. of Maths Govt. Art’s College,Karaikudi. Lattices Theory
2011-2012 & 22nd of September Dr.K.Arjunan Dept. of Maths H.H The Raja’s College, Pudukottai. Basic concept of Fuzzy Algebra & its Application
2012 – 2013 & 25th of September Dr.K.Subramanian Alagappa Govt.arts.College,Karaikudi. Mathemetics And Graphs.
2013 – 2014 & 14th of August Dr.Vijaya Rani SeethaLakshmi Achi College For Women,Pallathur. Fuzzy Vector.