Every year the department of of Computer Science inaugurated the association on various topics. The following dates and topics are given below.

Year & DateName of the Resource PersonAddressTopic
1997 – 1998 & 22nd & 23rd of September Ms. S. Alagu., M.Sc Dept of Computer Science Client Server Architecture
1998 - 1999 &  7th of August Mr. E. R. Naganathan Pro. Head of the Computer Dept.,Alagappa University,Karaikudi. Internet
1999 – 2000 & 13th of October Prof. S. Amirtha Raj Dept of Electronica and Communications, St.Michael College of Engineering and Technology. Computer Hardware
2000 – 2001 & 12th of September Mr. Kannappan Manager Aptech,Paramakudi. The Advantages of Interent and E-Commerce
2005 – 2006 & 30th of January Mr. S. Sundara Pandian B.Tech,Dirctor, Marketing TANDEM Infotech Pvt.Ltd Software Testing
2006 – 2007 & 31th of July Mr.Mayappan.,M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.d., Selecton Grade lecturer and Engineer, Alagappa University,Karaikudi. Information Security – Cryptography
2007 – 2008 &   7th of August Dr.S.Albert Rabara St.Joseph College,Trichy. Wireless and Mobile Technology
2008 -2009 & 22nd of August Mr.K.Mahesh Alagappa University,Karaikudi. Data base Management System.
2009 -2010 &   7th of September Mr.T.Mayappan Alagappa Arts College Karaikudi. Web Designing
2010 -2011 &   16th of September Mrs.Karpagam.,MCA.,MBA.,M.E.,Ph.d., St.Michael College of Engineering, Kalaiyar Kovil. UPIQDIOUS COMPUTING
2011 -2012 &   21st of September Dr. L. Arockiyam. Senior prof. Dept of CS,St.Joseph’s college, Trichy. Cloud Computing