Every year the department of of Bio Chemistry inaugurated the association on various topics. The following dates and topics are given below.

Year & DateName of the Resource PersonAddressTopic
1997 – 1998 & 3rd of March Govt. Arts College Paramakudi Our students won the First Prize in Quiz Competition
1999 – 2000 & 25th of Feb Prof. C. Rajamanickam Head of the Department of Bio, Madurai Kamaraj University. Bio - Chemistry
2000- 2001 & 14th October Dr. S. Liakath Alikhan Reader and Head of the Department of Chemistry. Recent Trends in Gene research diabetes mellitus and Metabolism
2005 – 2006 & 30th of September Dr.K.Jeyaprakash Dept of Environment of Bio-Technology, JJ College of Arts and Science, Pudhukottai. BioRemediation
2006 – 2007 Rev.Fr.Antony Doss.,M.Sc.,M.Phil Ananda College, Devakottai. BioInformatics
2008 – 2009 &  6th of September Mrs.Pandima Devi Prof of Alagappa University, Karaikudi ELISA and its Types
2009 – 2010 & 22nd of August Mr.Karuthapandian HOD OF Bio Technology, Alagappa University. Commercial Applications of Enzymes
2010 – 2011 & 17th of September Mr.Michael Noyl Deputy Director Head of Electo Organi Division. Life and Science.
2010 – 2011 & 18th of September Dr.King Immaual Lecturer of Bio – Chemistry of Arts and Science College, Paramakudi. Cardial Rhythm.
2011 – 2012 & 27th of September Dr.Mr. Jeya Raj Govt.arts.College,Kumbakonam. Recent trends in Bio-Chemistry.
2013 – 2014 & 04th of september Dr.Murali Krishanan Government college Of Arts & Science,Paramakudi. 3-D Gel Electrophoresis and Protein Profilling.