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Cultural committee organized “Online Drawing Competition” based on theme “World After Covid-19 Pandemic’’ on 06.06.2020 to 10.06.2020. The main aim to conducted this programme was to bringout the art talents of the students and makes this lockdown useful one.Nearly 150 students were participated and received the E-certificate.

INBAMELA 2019-2020

The Grand Inbamela function was celebrated on 16th, 17th and 18th September 2019 in our college. All the 12 Departments have spitted into five groups. Nearly 382 students were participated. The Expert Judges Dr.Gowsalya, Classical Dance Teacher, Karaikudi, K.Amsavalli, Beautician, Puliyadithammam and Sr.Christy and Miss.C.Krishnaveni Okkur convent were invited. 8 indoor events and 13 outdoor events were conducted. In order to motivate the children we have introduced new events such as Short film, Designer contest, Add making and Nail Art. Every year we are conducting Miss Idhaya competition. Miss. P.Soniya of I MA English was selected as Miss Idhaya. For that we have 2 Rounds. For the I round they have to exhibit their own skills and in the II round they have been asked questions almost current events.


Many of our students went to participate in the events such as Drawing Competition, Verse writing, Ad- Act, Mime and Group dance. This was conducted by JCI Saval SVG on 01/09/2019. One student won I prize inverse writing and, I prize in Drawing, I prize in Ad- Act and won I prize in Group dance and won II prize Mime.

INBAMELA 2018-2019

Inbamela function was celebrated on 17th, 18th and19th September 2018 in a grand manner in the open auditorium. All the students were divided into four groups. We have clubbed the 12 departments into four teams. The four teams were given names such as Captivators, Impactors, Innovators and Achievers. 6 indoor events and 12 outdoor events were conducted. Nearly 233 students have participated. The Captivators team won the Winner up shield and the Runner up shield won by the Impactors team.


Four of our students namely S.Surya, D.Vasavi and Monisha, Preethi and M.Anitha Dhamayanthi went to participate in group dance which was conducted by JCI Saval SVG on 1st September 2018. One student won II prize. They were given prizes and certificates.

INBAMELA 2017-2018

The Inbamela function for the year 2017-2018 was celebrated on 22/01/2018 to 23/01/2018 in our college. Nearly 540 students were actively participated. All the students exhibited their talents. Nine indoor events and 16 outdoor events were conducted. The Department of Mathematics won the Winner up shield and the Runner up shield won by the Department of English.


JCI Saval has conducted some competition on 27th august 2017 at Sivagangai. Our students have participated. Among many of them S.Shanmuga priya won I prize in Ad- Act and B.Leethiya won II prize in uniqueness. The students were given prizes and certificates. One of our students D.Vasavi went to participated and won third prize in the event lights, camera, action which was conducted by Fatima College on 26/08/2018 in Madurai. She was given prize and certificate. Fashion Festa Function was celebrated at Alagappa University, Karaikudi on 13/03/2018. We feel proudly to say that our student A.Praveena won I prize in jewel making, R.Srinithi won I prize in fashion illustration and M.Farooza Rahmath won I prize in Mehanthi Designing. All the winners were given prizes and certificates. Our cultural co- coordinator Mrs. Rameshwari accompanied with our students.

INBAMELA 2016-2017

The Inbamela function was celebrated on 06/03/2017 in our college. The groups were divided into Department wise. The nine groups were given names such as kiranpedi, Cleopatra, Joan of arc, Mother Theresa, Queen of Vitoria, Indra Gandhi, Kalpana chawla, Florence nightingale and Diana. Four outdoor events were conducted such as traditional dance, mime, elocution and theme dance. Nine indoor events were conducted such as Glass painting, Pencil drawing, Rangoli, Quiz etc. the judges were invited from the relevant fields. The overall Winner up shield won by the Department of mathematics and the Runner up shield won by the Department of computer science and Department of (CA). Nearly 640 students were actively participated.

INBAMELA 2015-2016

Inbamela was conducted on 12/01/2016 to 13/01/2016 in our college. The 12 Departments were divided into 6 groups. 7 indoor events and 12 outdoor events such as glass painting, pencil drawings, non flame cooking, quiz, dumb-c, classical dance, elocution, singing with dance etc were conducted. Students were actively participated with much involvement and exhibited their hidden talents. The judges were invited from outside. The students were highly appreciated by the judges. I prize was won by the department of computer science and the department of chemistry. The overall Runner up shield won by the department of B.Com (CA) and the department of Bio- chemistry. Totally 386 students have participated.