The Alumnae Association (IMMAA – Immaculate Alumnae Association) was established in the year 2013. It was registered under section 10 of the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act 1975. According to the bye-laws, we have maintained the books of accounts and it was audited by the auditor. Every year the meeting has been conducted, and the executive members were elected by open pallet. Membership subscription has been collected from the alumnae members and it was decided to utilize for the developmental purpose of the College.


  • To promote “esprite de corps’ (i.e) feeling of pride, care and support among the members.
  • To safeguard the rights, the privileges and the interests of the members.
  • To infuse among its members principles of theft, social services, sacrifice and a national spirit of self-respect.
  • To let the alumnae acknowledge their gratitude to their Alma mater.
  • To encourage , foster and promote close relation among the Alumnae themselves
  • Maintaining the updated and current information of all Alumnae.

Executive Members 2018-2019






Rev Dr.C.Jothimary





Vice president

Home maker


Mrs S.Vimala




Mrs S.Sobitha

Vice Secretary



Mrs R.Kanmalar




Mrs P.Arockia Vimala

Executive members

Assistant professor


Mrs A.Johnsi Amala

Executive members

Assistant professor


Mrs S.Punitha Mary

Executive members

Assistant professor


Mrs X.Arockia Stella

Executive members

Assistant professor


Mrs A.Christo Regi

Executive members

Home maker


Alumnae Day was celebrated by the management on 07.03.2015, the staff and the alumnae of Idhaya. It went on well. In this function the president, Secretary, Treasurer and executive members were selected. Alumnae card was sent by the management to the alumnae by post. The main purpose of issuing alumnae card is purely that the Alumnae can approach the management at anytime at any purpose. It was clearly said by our Principal Hoping that the students will be benefited by this.


Our College alumnae meeting was held on 1st May 2016 Sunday. The function started with prayer song. Mrs.Johnsi Amala, Asst Prof of Bio Chemistry welcomed the gathering. Mrs.R.Kanmalar, Asst Prof in Commerce read the last year alumnae report. Miss.A.Susai Arul Mary M.A.,M.Ed, Headmistress, V.N.T Higher Secondary School, Shanmuganathapattinam and Mrs.S.Boornima Devi B.T Assistant, Government High School, Uppoor were the Chief guest on that day. They have the speech regarding self motivation and positive thinking. From the management, the students gave wonderful dance programme and also conducted various games to the Alumnae. They actively participated and got the prizes. Finally the alumnae thanked to the management for this wonderful opportunity. The function came to an end with National Anthem.



IMMAA Alumnae Association was held on 1st May 2017, Saturday at 2.30 pm. Dr A.Hemamalini, Principal, SSA College, Singampunari was the chief guest on that day. Mrs A.Pelsita Mary Asst Prof. Dept of Computer Science welcomed the gathering. Mrs R.Kanmalar Asst Prof. Department of Commerce with Computer Application, read the last year Alumnae annual report. Nearly 200 Alumnae were enrolled their name in the Alumnae Association of our college. They eagerly participated and enjoyed in several games and cultural programs conducted by the management and shared their past memorable College days. Mrs A.Johnsi Amala Head of the department, Department of Bio chemistry delivered the vote of thanks. Finally the program ended with national anthem.


Date: 1st May2018 Venue: Auditorium

Our College Alumnae meeting was conducted on 1st May 2018. The function was started with prayer song. Our alumnae Mrs.M.Helan soniya Asst. professor, Department of Commerce with Computer application welcomed the gathering. MrsR.kanmalarAsst professor, Department of Commerce with Computer application read the last year alumni report. Ms.P. Banupriya finance analyst HCI Company was the chief guest on that day. They gave speech regarding self motivation and positive thinking. From the management, students gave wonderful dance. Alumnae shared their memorable experience in different way. Finally they thanked the management for the opportunity. Alumnae executive members’ election was conducted and elected the member. Finally the function ended with College anthem.


The IMMA Alumnae meet was conducted by our college on 09.02.2019 at 12.30 pm. The meeting was started with prayer song followed by welcome address. Ms. Judy Veena Asst. Professor Department of English welcomed the gathering. Mrs.R.Kanmalar Asst.Professor Department of Commerce with Computer Application read the last year Alumnae report. The management and the executive staff members of Alumnae were arranged a dance programme to the Alumnae. Dr.A.Shophia Lawrence Asst. Professor, Department of Mathematics, Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai was the chief guest on that day. She gave a motivational talk to the Alumnae. She expressed her hard work and perseverance to reach her goal.

 She instructed to all the Alumnae to work hard to attain your goal.

 She advised to all the faculty members to give freedom to the students for their studies. The freedom induced the students to concentrate their studies.  The Management and the staff members of alumnae to arranged a wonderful dance programme to the Alumnae. They were enjoyed and remembered their golden days in our College. Especially our old students Ms. Manimegalai Department of English shared her experience about the college days. Dr. C.JothiMary Principal presided over this function. Finally the meeting ended with College anthem.


On 29.02.2020, at 12.30 p.m., IMMAA meet was organized by our College, the old students and graduates from all the departments were present and the program started with prayer song, and our students welcomed the gathering with dance. Our Student from BCA Department delivered the Welcome Address. Our former student Mrs.A.Nithya M.Sc., B.Ed., PanchayatUnion Middle School, Panampatti, as a Chief Guest addressed the alumni. IMMA meet annual report was red by our staff Ms. Christy, Asst. professor, Dept. of Maths. Our principal felicitated the students and our old students shared their previous experiences and their current positions in their life. Our staff Mrs. Josephine Sahaya Virgin, Asst. professor, Dept. of BCA, delivered the vote of thanks. Our principal Dr.C.Jothimary was presided over this function. In her felicitation she explains the importance of Alumnae association and also she intimated about NAAC, which is going to be held on next academic year. For that Alumnae co- ordination is need and co- operation only support us to get more points. The management and the executive members of Alumnae arranged a wonderful dance program to the alumnae for their entertainment. They enjoyed very well. Some of the Alumnae were shared their memorable days during their college days. Nearly 358 Alumnae were participated and register their name in this meet. The function came to an end with College Anthem.