Idhaya college, founded in 1996 is a women’s college affiliated to the Alagappa University Karaikudi. It is a minority institution established and administered by the sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary congregation, Pondicherry belonging to the catholic church. It is primarily meant for the higher education of deserving catholics, but members of others communities are also admitted without reference to caste or creed and their rights Of conscience are respected true to the vision of its founder the college commits itself to serve the economically weak, socially backward and needy students.

"The goal of our educative endeavour is to produce intellectually enlightened, spiritually inspired, emotionally balanced, morally upright, socially committed, and accomplished – in a word integrally formed young women who will be agents of social transformation in today’s India".

The goal of our educative endeavour is to be realized with the collaboration of each and every member that form a part of Idhaya family the students, the staff, the parents, the management, the local and distant agencies that are associated with her well- wishers – in short the “Idhaya Educating Community”.

With this view, the educative project is drawn up every year in consultation with the staff, the parents and the students who the protagonists of their own growth and are therefore at the focus of all educative interventions. The college therefore expects a close collaboration from the parents in the planning and execution of this project.

The college is run according to the principles and method of Rev. Fr.Louis Savenien Dupuis, who came from France as missionary of India, in the curse of his pastoral ministry, witnessed that one half of the human race namely, women are denied for their rights and were suppressed. He clearly perceived that, in order to uphold the diginity of women, they should be helped to freedom from ignorance through education. Rev.Fr. Dupuis took up the task and thus was founded our congregation of the Franciscan sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The characteristics of the Immaculate Sisters - commitment to one’s duty, filial relationship with God, meeting him in the ordinary events of the day, spirit of service, joy and friendly rapport with all characterize life in the college campus. Mary in her attitude of openness to God and others is a model for all.

Besides increasing, diffusing and disseminating knowledge,higher education has also the function of serving the community. Every student is expected to fulfill this duty either by enrolling herself in the National Service Scheme or any other clubs.

Thus the vision of our Congregation founder Rev.Fr.Louis Savenien Dupuis is being fulfilled with great vigour and commitment by educating the women especially from the rural area.